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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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burton from the rec and park department and mr. rafa from presidio trust we will follow up with you and work with supervisor farrell on some of the great ideas from the young people and thank you very much to catherine and stephanie from supervisor farrell's office for being here. i wanted to mention one point they think the youth commissioner rosa chin hit the nail on the head with a recommendation that we have equity with policies like this and looking at the southeast neighborhoods, soma, the various areas where i think there is an inequality of access to outdoor activities and the others that recommended the scholarships to be expanded, how we work with rec and park and the school district and others to ensure they're real and to the community reps and the larkin street and meta and the others i think really great partnerships with community, not just the
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government agencies, but with the community organizations as well, but i want to say thank you for opening our eyes and the door to a longer conversation and then the young people especially to use the document like this to make it real so it impacts every child regardless of income and where they come from, so i really appreciate this, and now kind of we're at the point we need a motion on this item and i am wondering if supervisor christensen can make a motion on this? >> [inaudible] >> well i think the resolution that's put forward by supervisor farrell that we're acting on. >> which is to? go forward or does it get filed. >> if we move it forward with a positive recommendation with great thanks to the coalition and the young people behind it.
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>> so moved. >> thank you. can we do this without objection? thank you . [gavel] thank you for spending time in your busy afternoons. is there any more business before us? >> there is no more business mr. chairman. >> thank you. meeting adjourned. [gavel]> i'd like to welcome you to
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the regular meeting of land use commission i'm supervisor cowen accident chair of the committee to my right is supervisor scott wiener and supervisor kim our lovely clerk is andrea ashbury i'd like to recognize jessie larson and jonathan who will be broadcasting this meeting on sfgovtv madam clerk, any announcements? electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the march 102015 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated great. thank you very much my apologies for starting a little bit late ladies and gentlemen, let's go ahead and call item one.
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>> a resolution encompass the zoning controls for commercial permits for a 12 month period. >> the amendments made required us to consider it again, today i think supervisor kim has some comments today for item number one. >> thank you supervisor cowen and thank you, colleagues for your enter controlled comments i appreciate your support want to offer some non-substantive amendments to the finding i'll submit to the clerk that has the preexisting office space were converted without the permits on market street in the south of market and actually we're learning throughout the city so for your information i have those amendments before us
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mr. city attorney today read all of them into the record. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney because we don't have a written copy i suggest we read them. >> there's 4 whereas the board is aware during the course discussing the economic downturn with an asterisk economic attraction but the economic situation has changed and offend use in the area is in demand whereas the unpermitted places are housing for the city and preserving the housing stock affordable units and relative lack of foreseeability is of paramount concern on december 18th an directive mayor ed lee asked the city department to preserve and prompt rental
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how's and when 0 housing is proposed and whereas the city controlled the uses from the planning code with outstanding submitted uses didn't afford the planners to consider the impacts of such and - >> the copy that i have when surrounding circumstances are made a change. >> sorry i think my office only gave me one page thank you those amendments are now and then substantive i'll make a motion after public comment. >> let's move to public comment i've got a few public comment cards three or four 4 names if you want to speak on the item
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transportation authority is chris (calling names) cash and tommy just a reminder each of will get 2 minutes all right. let's go chris. >> please line up on this side of the chamber. >> hi and i'm a tenant in the mid market area lived in a rent control unit in 13 years and courage you to move this forward do whatever we can to sorlt hit pause on this magnificent happening not only in my mid-market area but spaces residential rent control spaces that the city has stated a
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desire to maintain and be converted into office use and put a pause while we study it or consider the extent when a to what's happening and thank you. i courage you to vote yes. >> do you live at 1049 market. >> yes. >> thank you very much. next speaker. please you cue up let's go. >> hi, i'm naming i didn't ann cooper on 1049 market street for 17 years a retired teacher and on a fixed income hoped to substitute here so i could get some - it would really effect my life baeld balanced to move out of san francisco the tenants in
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my building are low income and disabled all over the there's a variety of people that many needs the housing and we really urge you to please put those controls in place because we are worried about our own situation and also about san francisco losing it's guest especially the school system as being kind of gut because so so many teachers can't afford to live here please help us and the on the people in san francisco to have affordable housing thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm carl hass i've been a tenant on 1049 at market street for 10 years a 0 small business owner i've seen what's happening to the city first hand because i'm facing louis my
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place but the inability to find employees because people at the level i hire at can just get jobs outside the city they're not going to consultant in if i can't find people to work for me i'll have to close my business please protect this sort of business. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm defied lucy and on behalf of our all those people behind me we are living at 1049 market our landlord is malia we're in the same situation we're threatened to get evicted and i know our floor being
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turned into, you know, commercial space and that's what happens in the second-story we our floor the third floor yeah. we have been there since 2012 if we get displaced we'll not be living in the city we holdup hope you guys pass the bill so we can live here and everything so thank you. >> next speaker >> hi, i'm tommy the director of counseling programs at the housing rights committee as you've heard from the last speakers this situation the problem that supervisor kim is trying to address in her legislation with goes beyond
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1049 i know that the buildings on fulsome at the human rights committee we get complaints in the mid market area the same situation commercial a space is for lucrative the landlords want to evict the tenant we i'd like to take this opportunity afford to leave i came from a conference a collective called station 40 for tenant that have been there for years they've being evicted their space is commercial but lived there for 40 years the landlords knew that was a commercial space but it was much mower lucrative at 16th and mission to rent arranging than commercially now the table is changed it is more lucrative
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for commercial so, of course, the lymph glands want to evict the tenants they've been there 12 years the city need to protect those tenants i hope you'll pass this legislation to the for a vote request a with a positive recommendation we have to preserve rent control units at all costs and safe people's leases thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. hi this bill closes a simple will that 1049 market has been through so much lawsuits and other issues because someone signed a piece of paper we didn't have a right to comment the public explicit the city doesn't consider what was the best interests of the city the loopholes closed the folks get to be considered and the
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landlord has so much money over this issue and the rent controls have been in place this is about protecting other landlords from this nightmare closings the loophole helps everyone there was a discussion last week why this is a targeted area in area is where the loss was created the concentration was omitted each characteristic of the neighborhood the block other 1049 and 1067 is the center of the historic market street theatre and loft district on the register it has lots of buildings we've designated as such this block is the epic center the reason we care about lofts we care about them this is
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about protecting the people in the neighborhood thank you. >> thank you very much i have two more speaker cards pat and ryan any more members of the public please come up. >> good afternoon, supervisors gun i'm patty was a structure engineer that worked on the building for 3 years for the previous owner there was 3 issues that were a challenged to legalized elias one is the ventilation a san francisco code change i spent 2 years working with the dbi staff that were supportive to s supportive of the code which would have made it easier to legalize this continuity i uvent the commission at the time decided not to delete the amendment i hope you do the other requirement was egress the state
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building code requires egress from and are bedroom window that is the challenge to be able to provide that that requires dramatic work on this building the other thing we need to be aware of this building was designed important commercial i have converted legally in other commercial buildings that had the necessary egress windows that is landlocked and interpose a safety risk for the space heaters the city should be aware the landlord is not coasted for the use this insurance is for commercial and we need to be upgrading police and fire for the district and adjust the parking thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. hello commissioners. i'm ryan
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patterson an attorney for the owners of the two property at 1049, llc and 1067, llc i'd like to incorporate my previous comments from last week on this foil as well as the owners representatives and consultants that spoke the 223 amendments that are included in this file make that resolution more retroactive which is illegal for a permit today's amendment we object to the last minute changes not given to the public not posted we don't have a clear understanding in the community to evaluate those changes to determine if their substantive or not or the effect the property owners have relied on
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the permit and the city's reputation and have a you vested right to complete the work importantly 68 notices to their retroactively valid dictated could subject the property owners to a liability based on the permits after the fact of this legislation this is unclear whether the final issues of the permits for the conditional use authorization under the controls new provision that such a permit quote shall not have a project team for the kwufks under the code there are far more problems with the proposal that can be listed in two minutes we believe we should have a continuance to address that that was mentioned
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moms ago. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed arrest colleagues, any future decision okay supervisor kim. >> thank you. i apologize there is one other piece of the substantive amendment that was not articulated under page had the further resolved line 21 just adding subject to posted notice and the requirements a lot of to read the rest during the dependency any commercial use that are converted without benefit of a permit shall be deemed abandon and the subject for the 15 today's that's my stated fact of amendments i ask for a resolution to amend. >> so you've made a motion to
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amend we'll take a vote on the amendments. >> is there also a motion to move to the. >> i was going to do the motion to amend first. >> no, we have a second for the motion to assassinated all right. by supervisor kim and supervisor wiener this motion is amended what would you like. >> ami i'd like to move this forward with a positive recommendation. >> that's wonderful a motion made seeing that there is no objection this motion passes unanimously with a with a positive recommendation for the committee report. >> madam clerk item 2. >> item 2 an ordinance amending the planning code for the dwelling unit for the limit not a specified code requirement and supervisor wiener is the author and will lead the discussion on
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item 2. >> thank you very much madam chair for agendizing this piece of legislation and thanks to my co-sponsor supervisor breed the housing legislation that will i think be a win-win for san francisco in essence when a building is flowing seismic retrofit while their at it the property owner can add one or more in-law units into the building this legislation will provide is therefore, an incentive to add a new assessable typical moderate housing and it will sentence active building to undergo
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retrofits in the castro neighborhood a pathway to the rent controls in san francisco since the legislation provides the unit is being added into a rent control building the new unit will be rent controlled we typical say that you can't create new rent control units this is not the case in the legislation that will allow for the creation of the rent control units and it has the support of mayor ed lee as well as spur and the housing coalition and the city and recently received unanimous support of the planning commission we know we're in the midst of the housing affordability crisis we've failed for decades to produce the number of housing unit to match the population growth we've been growing for
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more than a decade by average then e 10 thousand new residents during one year yet on average produced 25 hundred new housing unit every year the housing production is beginning to accelerate we have a long way to go to dig ourselves out of the crisis where the average represent it $3,000 a month in-law units are the most favorable type of non-sub actives housing their smaller than affordable unit and typically on the ground floor and less fancy and also in many buildings more affordable than new construction to build since their existing infrastructure in the building in addition the in-law units are currently decentralized and typically have our commonly have
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disputes in the city around height and bulk and those types of impacts the in-law units are within the exist sentences and sprirntd throughout the neighborhood not concentrates in one ear they are more affordable for the various studies from uc berkley and hud and from aarp so i know that the planning department will describe the ordinance the legislation allows the properties to audio accessory in-law units within the envelope in the may or may not or volunteer sites therefore creating new housing as well as an incentive to retrofit the building we're continuing to work with the department of
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building inspection on developing a set of equality sisters standardized the bulletins that help people that can't meet the current building code within the needs of the building the legislation we passed related to the castro in-law units and supervisor david chiu's legalization program required dbi to issue those i want to thank the planning department staff. it's terrific work on the legislation building on the work it did on the previous legislation and want to note that the planning commission did make several recommendations at the meeting i support all the recommendations and i i've distributed written amendments colleagues and after the comments i'll ask for the 0
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non-substantive amendments to - this will require monitoring of rent in the unit and reporting so we can see how it's going in terms of the affordability of the unit and there are some other organizations on the technical amendments colleagues this is important legislation there's no one solution to the housing crisis we have to try a lot of things and making our planning code more flexibility with right to housing unit so if no questions or comments opening up i'll i'm going to turn it over to the planning department >> thank you planning department. >> good afternoon. i'm with the planning department staff as supervisor wiener described this ordinance will allow
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additional building unit beyond the units that are undergoing retrofit voluntarily i'll describe the program the soft story building program after many years of announcements the city adapted a mandatory program to seismically upgrade the structural weakness in the wyoming first story building because of the great floor those soft story buildings are vulnerable to earth and in case of an earthquake the building subject to the may or may not program are buildings
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that are 3 or more or 2 stories over basement with 5 denials built between january 31st, 1978, the first ordinance will provide an incentive for property owners to comply with the seismic retrofit program some financial incentive currently existing for this program but this ordinance will allow additional unit and revenue generated from potential renting out of the unit will help the property owner to offset their costs of seismic